How to Survive Loss

I wrote this years ago after my younger brother died and I feel compelled to share it now in the wake of the bus accident in Humbolt, Saskatchewan near my hometown, which took the lives of 15 young hockey players. I hope you find it helpful, please feel free to share with friends. On Grieving […]

Water softly flows over creek stones - Photo by David Innes

What I’ve learned from 43 days of practicing happiness

I made myself just one resolution for 2018, to be happier. I chose this goal because research by Shawn Achor (author of The Happiness Advantage) has found that happy people experience: 23% reduction in stress 31% increase in productivity 39% better health 34% more positive social interaction Little did I realise that setting a goal of […]

Want More Time? Here’s How to Make it Happen.

I’m busy these days. Stupid busy. You know the kind of busy I’m talking about, probably because you have your own version of it. My busy looks like two kids ages 4 and 6, working as a consultant, teaching part-time, taking an online course, a husband who travels way too much for work, and somehow […]

4 things #MeToo has me thinking about as a parent

I remember when I found out I was having a daughter, I was thrilled… and I was worried. Like most women, I didn’t need #MeToo to make me aware of every woman’s experience. How do we keep our daughters safe in this world? How do we raise our sons to be good, respectful men? I’ve put a […]

How To Live in a Heartbreaking World

Every day there is another news story that devastates me. Fires and floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, and more recently – senseless, heartbreaking destruction of the human variety. How can we live every day in this world that breaks our hearts? In a world that has become increasingly unstable and frightening, how do we let our […]

Abandoned farmhouse sits on a flat horizon, menacing storm clouds overhead, Saskatchewan - Photo by David Innes

How to triple your productivity

Last year I was coaching an executive team who shared with me their motto of ‘80% is good enough’. Their goal is to get their work done and delivered to their workforce as quickly as possible, without working towards perfection. Then they adapt and evolve as they go. This was mind blowing for my little […]


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