Official bio:

Stephanie has been writing since the age of 8 and her writing has helped her come through many challenging times, including the death of her younger brother and supporting her mother through her journey of Alzheimer’s disease and grieving her loss. Writing has been Stephanie’s way to feel more deeply, to heal and to bring forth the stories that come from a full and fortunate life.

Stephanie also writes fiction and poetry, much of which has been drawn from her life experiences. She is currently at work on her third novel.

Stephanie has been published in Grain Magazine, The Ascent and on Thrive Global. Stephanie has an MA in Leadership, a BA in English and a Bachelor of Education. She is a mother of two young children, writer, leadership coach and consultant.

Unofficial Bio:
I have had an incredible life – I have travelled to many countries – Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Egypt and most of Europe, I spent a year living in Australia and studying with the best personal development facilitators in the world, and I spent a year in living in Korea teaching English. I spent my early twenties working as a wilderness guide for youth – I’ve spent weeks on end in canoes and kayaks and hiking. Currently I work as a leadership coach and consultant – I love the people I work with and the conversations we have. I have two young children who I adore and a loving, healthy marriage with an amazing man. I am a fortunate woman and I know it. I have also been through some very stressful times.

I grew up with a younger brother with severe Cerebral Palsy who taught me so much about what is truly important in life. My mother had serious health challenges, starting with Stage 4 cancer when I was eleven and culminating in her journey with Alzheimer’s disease and her death in 2008 when I was 34. I also have a brother who lives with bipolar disorder.

I’ve learned so much from my family about resilience and grit. The way that my brothers and mother have faced their various challenges has shown me that we can live amazing lives, no matter what our circumstances. I’ve grown and learned so much through my own experiences in caring for my mother through her Alzheimer’s experience and living through the grief of my mother and brother’s passing

I’m excited to share my perspective with you about what really matters and how we can live our best lives. I love writing about  how to get through the tough stuff that life throws at you, how to make the most of your life,  how to build strong relationships, and how to cope with the inevitable grief that is part of living well. Life is amazing and heartbreaking and wild and wonderful and devastating. I’m learning to hold both the wonder and the grief, the joy and the sorrow.

If you want to build yourself a good life, no matter what your stressors and circumstances are, come join me. I post once every week or two and if you join my newsletter, these posts will come right to your inbox. Not only that, you’ll  get a copy of my free e-book ‘The Good Life Manifesto‘ all about what I’ve learned about how to live the good life even when we are feeling overwhelmed.

My mission is to support people to have good lives – more meaningful, more connected, more relaxed, and happier lives. I hope to share the journey with you.