Hi there, I’m Stephanie Innes-Berryman. I’m a writer, a leadership consultant and coach, a teacher, a parent, and a spouse amongst other things. I live a wild and wonderful life and it can also be overwhelming and stressful. I’m always learning and growing and I love sharing ideas about how we can make our lives good in spite of all the challenges we experience.

On this blog, I share my reflections about what makes a good life:

  • building positive relationships
  • stress management and stress reduction
  • finding and following our passion
  • connecting with ourselves and one another
  • gaining greater self-awareness and making different choices to get different results.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling and want to keep growing, making good choices for yourself and building a good life, come join me on the journey. I post once a week (I try, sometimes it’s once every ten days or so) and if you join my newsletter, these posts will come right to your inbox. Not only that, you’ll  get a copy of my free e-book ‘The Good Life Manifesto‘ all about what I’ve learned about how to live the good life even when we are feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve got my masters in leadership, a degree in education and a degree in English, which makes me a serious geek who loves reading great books, learning, sharing what I know, connecting with people, adventures of all kinds, and writing. My mission in life is to support people to have good lives – more meaningful, more connected, more relaxed, and happier lives. I hope to share the journey with you.