Stephanie offers leadership coaching to new and experienced leaders. She loves helping people reach their full potential as leaders. Stephanie’s coaching style is both direct and practical. She enjoys having conversations to help her clients identify their challenges and possible solutions. Stephanie’s coaching approach is a balance of asking questions to help clients identify their own solutions and offering suggestions to consider as needed.

Coaching sessions are 1-2 hours long and the client commits to six sessions. Each coaching session ends with identified actions that the client has committed so Stephanie’s clients achieve a lot over the course of their work together. Stephanie studied coaching as part of her masters at RRU but is not certified by a coaching body. Stephanie’s goal in coaching is to help clients find clarity and take action.

“I first met Stephanie 10 years ago while employed at the City of Vancouver taking leadership courses provided by the City through BCIT. Since that time she became my coach and my career path has developed into a managerial position with first the City of Port Moody and currently with Port Coquitlam.

I believe the skills and confidence I developed through Stephanie’s leadership coaching have provided me with these opportunities. Stephanie has been an integral part of my growth as a manager, a leader and a person. I have learned a lot from her about handling difficult employees, managing my emotions, reducing stress and finding work-life balance.

Stephanie’s ability to adjust, engage and really listen and then ask the right questions is what I feel sets her apart from the rest.”

Section Manager, City of Port Coquitlam