I have written five non-fiction books: 9 Strategies For Dealing with the Difficult Stuff, 9 Strategies for Dealing with Stress (both available on Amazon), The Good Life Manifesto (available for free by signing up for my newsletter), How to Succeed at Internet Dating and Sleep Strategies For Babies (available through Kobo Books).

Nine Strategies for Dealing with the Difficult Stuff

Nine Strategies for Dealing with Stress

Simple Sleep Strategies for Babies

Poetry Compilation

I have two poetry chap-books, This is What Love Tastes Like and Creative Quests. I have also written a memoir called Love Needs No Language about my younger brother Joel who lived with severe cerebral palsy and was one of the happiest, most loving people I’ve ever known.

This is What Love Tastes Like

Creative Quests

I just finished my first novel, My Sister’s Wedding, and I’m currently seeking an agent.

Some of my books are available through Amazon and Bookblurb but others you can contact me directly to purchase.


I’ll be offering an online course in Communicating Skills for Building Stronger Relationships in early 2017. Please email me if you’d like to be contacted when the course becomes available: